"Millionaires don't use Astrology,
billionaires do!".......... J. P. Morgan

For thousands of years, Astrology and business, Astrologers and people who take charge of their lives have helped one another. 

 It's your turn to use this knowledge to your advantage!

When is it a good idea for you to sit down and talk with an Astrologer?

If you're thinking about it, there must be a reason - some question or choice that's on your mind.

The symbolism of your Natal Horoscope, its zodiac signs, houses, planets, and points represent the journey of your soul and the path you have chosen for this lifetime. The planets move and your spirit explores new possibilities as you manifest a variety of realities for continued study. You are in the process of your life.

My job is to help you explore alternatives and possibilities. Then you can make better decisions for your future based on your free choice.

"Every pursuit--business, career, prosperity, relationships, spirituality, happiness, personal growth--is a part of the flow of energy in your life."

Let me help you develop your personal life design, to plan strategies to create the life you want, a future in sync with your dreams.

Lets explore the possibilities for your life!.

Diane Ronngren

NCGR San Diego