Diane RonngrenWelcome to my Website!

Diane Ronngren, a Level IV, NCGR Certified Astrologer, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With degrees in business and languages, advanced certification in Ericsonian Hypnosis and NLP, she is able to approach the many aspects of life with both understanding and common sense. Now a writer, consultant, and lecturer, she previously pursued careers in adult education, international corporate management, and diplomacy. 

Diane Ronngren is a welcome speaker and teacher on a variety of topics; in fact, she has lectured and taught in Europe and the United States for many years. In recent years she has focused on teaching ongoing classes in all levels of astrology, and on leading intensive courses and workshops in astrological and metaphysical topics. Through this process she has offered her insights and techniques to hundreds of students and enthusiasts, mostly in the Southwestern United States. However, she always finds time to tutor independent students from many parts of the USA and other places in the world.

Over the past few years Diane has written several books and booklets on astrological and metaphysical topics. A number of her astrological articles, series and columns have appeared in American Astrology and other metaphysical journals, magazines, etc. One of her books, "Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide", has received the COVR Visonary Award for Best Book, General Interest. Her book: Lunar Nodes--Keys to Emotions and Life Experience was enthusiastically welcomed with positive reviews. This book and her popular booklets on both astrological and other alternative metaphysical topics continue to receive thankful feedback from readers, and are selling well in the US and overseas.

Diane has been a Member of NCGR for many years, and has lectured at UAC. She has served as a Faculty Member of the American Federation of Astrologers, on the Board of Aquarius Workshops, and maintained an active membership in AFAN and ISAR while living in Southern California.

Diane enjoys living in Reno, Nevada. She feels at home here, following the years spent living overseas, in Southern California, and in New Mexico. Her busy schedule includes working in her current  business (Life Design Strategies), offering personal consultations and workshops, as well as motivational speaking. She continues to be focused on writing and has several new projects in the works. When she is not busy with her work she enjoys helping her husband, Gary, with their publishing company, maintaining a comfortable home, and relaxing with the people and pets they love.

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