Jupiter in Capricorn: Compressed Expansion

One warm afternoon in Burbank, California, I was out shopping. When I got back to my car I observed a small brown vehicle, filled to overflowing with helium balloons, colorful packages, and an enormous purple duffel bag. A sign on the brown car advertised entertainment for children's parties as its owner's business. Since it was parked about six inches from the driver's side of my car, there was no chance for me to leave until the little brown car moved; so I waited.

We astrologers have a habit of thinking in a kind of extraordinary shorthand. We turn people, places, experiences into astrological equivalents using signs, planets, and houses as our "secret code." So, studying this situation, I concluded that the best way to define it was: "Jupiter (the hslium balloons and presents filling the vehicle with their bright colors and exuberant messate), in Capricorn (small, square, constricting structure, dark brown in color, used for business purposes), in the 3rd house (it was, after all, a car--and obviously on its way to a party)."

Now, anytime I think about Jupiter in Capricorn, I remember that warm afternoon in Burbank, and the balloon-filled car on its way to a party!

Jupiter is astrology's 'Greater Benefic'. When people talk about Jupiterian energy they use words like: expansive, abundant, protective, lucky, etc. The general feeling about Jupiter here in the West is that its energy brings good fortune and benefit. An astrologer reading your chart will often express that you are lucky or blessed in the area of the chart Jupiter calls home.

On a spiritual level Jupiter rules higher consciousness, future visions, religion and faith, generosity, contemplation, philosophy, and charity. From a more earthly perspective Jupiter rules higher education (i.e., universities and colleges), the judicial system, churches, diplomatic missions, foreign countries (and their citizens and languages), linguistic ability, travel-related businesses, and athletic competitions.

I like to remind people that each sign, planet, hours, or any other astrological symbol is like a coin. It has two sides: heads, and tails. For every positive expression an indicator may possess, there is a negative to watch out for. With Jupiter I remind people that while expansion is a good thing, too much of the energy can be explosive. While abundance is nice, how many meals can you eat every day, how many roofs to you need to protect you, and when does the energy of abundance turn into greed?

While protection is a powerful promise, if it is needed, obviously danger is to be expected. Luck or good fortune can be wonderful, but if you come to rely on it in challenging situations or trying circumstances, what happens if it manifests as misfortune?

Jupiter completes one orbit around the Sun in 12 years. Every year Jupiter starts its visit to a new sign in the Zodiac. Capricorn is associated with responsibility, constriction, limitations, conservative values, a need for respect in the area(s) and house(s) it inhabits. Capricorn represents the need to take personal responsibility for, place limits upon, and structure our lives so that when we reach the end of our journey we can account for our actions and choices with pride--and receive recognition for our efforts.

One way for you to know more about how a transit of Jupiter transit may affect you personally is to think think back 12, 24 or e6 years to find examples of how Jupiter affects you personally. For example, Jupiter was transiting the sign of Capricorn in: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960/61, 1948/49, and so forth. Transits activate similar situations each time they move through the same place in your chart. And if you are prepared for the transits and for the themes they represent, you can plan your actions and make decisions based on previous experiences.

One of my clients provides a positive role model for an exercise with Jupiter transiting through the sign of Capricorn. In 1984 the company she worked for was purchased by another, larger corporation. Her position was eliminated in the take-over process. At that time she felt unable to make decisions about the future. Would she have to sell her home and relocate? What about her children and their future? Did she have sufficient skills to acquire a new job in her field, or would she need to go back to school?

In 1984 she buried her head in the sand, worked until the last day, gave up all hope, and let the Universe step in. After a job search of several months, she accepted an offer with much lower pay. She kept her home, and her children continued in their school, but it was necessary for her to rent out rooms in her home to keep up the payments.

In 1996, my client was employed in a company which notified its employees that it was planning to downsize. We talked about her uncertainty and her fears about the future, and on my advice she started looking for a new position and taking classes in computer programming at the local community college in order to qualify herself for a better job. She started rigorously saving money in order to handle a potential loss of income during a job search. Using her insight into the past, she was able to take steps to improve on her chances for success. And after having these experiences and learning her own personal pattern during Jupiter transits, she most likely was ready to meet downturn in the economy during the Jupiter in Capricorn transits of 2008.

Jupiter tempts us with a glorious, golden vision of what is possible for each sign it transits on its journey through the Zodiac. Each house in our charts is touched by Jupiter's golden rays, the hope, the vision, the ideal. All we need to do is to prepare ourselves to follow the golden arrow to the end of our personal rainbow, our most optimistic hopes for our personal success in each area of our lives. And if we miss an opportunity at any given time, we can count on Jupiter coming 'round again in twelve years to give us another opportunity to grasp the brass ring, to accept the challenge and win the prize.

One other interesting Jupiterian gift to each of us, is the presence of the planet in our own natal chart--promising each of us a blessing. Astrologers say that a person with natal Jupiter in the 12th house is especially blessed, and has what is often described as an "angel on their shoulder" looking out for them their whole lives. They are protected by the Universe and luck or good fortune appears in their hour of need. From what I see in people's charts, I suggest we expand this concept just a little. Every house in your chart has its own "12th house"--the one just behind it as you look at your own personal wheel. For instance, the "12th house" of your natal 4th house, is the 3rd house of your wheel. Should you have Jupiter in your natal 3rd house, it offers protection to your 4th house, and brings good fortune to your 4th house activities.

Find the house in your chart with your natal Jupiter. How does your natal Jupiter protect the activities of the house next to it, and how does it bring blessings to you in your life? And, just for fun, find the house in your natal chart that has transiting Jupiter in it now, to see which area of your life is currently lucky, where you can expect to be blessed, and to experience good fortune.