In the Celestial Spotlight:
A Season of Eclipses: Solar Eclipse, June 1, 2011
+ Lunar Eclipse, June 15, 2011

Earth herself is taking a deep breath and letting it out, think: devastating tornadoes, unusually heavy snow/ice storms that have led to extraordinary flooding; fires are raging, volcanic eruptions and earthquake have been in the news! Indeed, if we but briefly pay attention to what is happening near and far, we can feel the winds of change blowing briskly through our lives. On a very personal level, it's really time to look at our own life and think about the changes we want to manifest as we plan for our future.

We are now starting to experience 2011's "Season of Eclipses", including a most unusual double-whammy of Solar Eclipse energy, involving all of the elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. If you are a Gemini or Sagittarius, Cancer or Capricorn (or your Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven are in these Zodiac signs in your personal chart), you can expect to experience the energy on a very personal level. And for those of us who have planets in Virgo, Pisces, Libra and Aries, we will be asking: "What action can I take right now?", in the coming months! 

As above - so below.
Yes, we are responding on a personal level to the powerful energy of the combination of Solar/Lunar/Solar Eclipse energy of this season. And don't be surprised if you find that you are already in the "flow" and have started your individual process of change! Many of us start feeling the energy of an eclipse footprint at least 2-3 weeks prior to the Eclipse itself. 

Astrologers read the energy of an Eclipse on many levels: national, community, corporate, individual to name just a few. Since individuals experience eclipses on both a Solar (external) and Lunar (internal) level, it is good to have a sense of the overall energy of a specific Eclipse. This makes it easier to understand the happenings we observe, and choices we and those around us are making. Since the energy of an Eclipse is very strong for the first 6 - 8 weeks following the eclipse, and we work with this energy for at least 5-6 months following an eclipse, it's a good idea to spend a little time studying and thinking about possibilities.

Each eclipse has a specific solar/lunar signature. This unusual "2011 Season of Eclipses" includes:

1. Solar Eclipse, June 1, 2011 - Both the Sun and the Moon are at 11 degrees of Gemini. The Sabian Symbols Mandala for this degree of the Zodiac reads: "Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience." The energetic keynote for this degree is, "The power and joy of new beginnings."

I love the symbolism of this message, the encouragement to be confident of our thoughts (Gemini) concerning as yet untested opportunities and activities. We are thinking about ways to expand our individual understanding of the possible; pondering the possibilities that lie before us. As yet, we are undecided as to which way we might go, which path we might set our foot upon as we set out. But even though we may not have a complete map, we begin to acknowledge (at least to ourselves) that we have a toolkit, a portfolio filled with the knowledge, insight, intuition, and skills acquired over the past 18.5 years that we can rely upon as we venture into unknown territory and plot our new paths.

Think back to what you were thinking, planning, starting, creating in your life 18.5 years ago; spend some time thinking about how the choices you made at that time have created your reality now. Take a little time to think about what you have learned about yourself from your process. 9 years ago, opportunities and choices may have been adjusted as you became clear about what does and doesn't work for you. Now is a good time to focus on what has worked. You have learned much in your process; now is a good time to project goals for the future.

The risk we face at this time is that we question ourselves, our inner wisdom. We can tend to be too cautious about taking action to bring our ideas and plans into our reality. We may feel like we are taking a test, and that some other person, teacher, or authority figure will judge the choices we are about to make. We feel that we must choose our answers from an available multiple-choice selection.

We can't find the test guidelines, and therefore aren't sure whether we can choose more than one of the a, b, c, or d answers as the correct response to the questions we have. And we feel that several of the answers to each question may be correct. So we face the conundrum: will we brave the possibility that others may find us wanting? Will we trust ourselves, and take the steps we intuitively know we face?

Eclipses come to let us know that some thing, some relationship, some experience, some option that had been open to us is ending, going away, or about to shift form somehow. And, in the letting go or experiencing some kind of 'ending', we are challenged to find a new direction, a new purpose, a new idea, a new vision of how we want our lives to be, or how we want our experience to shift.

If we are not in motion, the energy of the Universe will find some way to get us moving again! So, with this 11 degree Gemini Eclipse, we are being challenged to move forward with our ideas and concepts. We feel the urge to switch our attention out into the future and begin to focus on, or move in the direction of our own new beginnings.

As we do so, the Universe reveals new pathways to new opportunities and new growth. Some of us already know what we need to do; some of us will find the questions we need to answer in order to start thinking in new ways. All of us will somehow find the help we need to motivate us as we seek answers.

In the Tarot, the Major Arcana Card number 11 - JUSTICE - represents the Master Number degree of this Eclipse in Gemini. Sword in the right hand, the scales in the left, Justice charges us to be fair in all of our dealings. We need to consider what is fair when we interact with others. AND we need to make sure that we are fair to ourselves--that the others in our lives treat us fairly! Consider whether or not your needs and wishes are being met by the others in your life.

Actively include yourself in your list of priorities. If you find that you have been busy taking care of the needs of others, or giving too much of yourself in some area of your life at the cost of another, take time now to make adjustments. Seek balance. Changes at this level of consciousness are necessary as you step out into the future. 

2. Lunar Eclipse, June 15, 2011 - Sun in Gemini (24 degrees) and Moon in Sagittarius (24 degrees). On an emotional level, we feel compelled to focus in on the lessons of the Solar Eclipse in Gemini we have become aware of; we may find that we have already begun to lose patience with our progress! We feel a deep need to understand, know, control, what is going on inside and around us so that we can project the outcome of our current choices.

Yet at the same time we experience an inner conflict. We have listened, paid attention to, asked questions, attempted to find answers for such a long time that we know that continuing in this pattern doesn't lead to solutions. And we are tired of waiting, of listening, of talking, of negotiating, of compromise, of acceptance.

We feel the exuberance of possibility, we know the strength of desire. We are filled with optimism, faith and hope. We need to quiet our minds. We are so accustomed to hearing what everyone else is saying,that we have forgotten to listen to or search for our own truth. Decisions may feel difficult at this time, because there are so many reasons to question all of the possibilities. We can become so confused by all of the information, all of the conversation, all of the opinions we have gathered, that we are unable to make even the most simple choice. We need to find a quiet space within, stop second-guessing ourselves, and trust our initial, spontaneous feelings.

An interesting test at this time, is to write down an opinion, a thought, an idea, a wish, or a need on a piece of paper; fold it and put it in your wallet or purse. Then ask any three people for their opinion (or input) on the subject. Observe yourself as you feel swayed/convinced/impressed (or not) by the opinions/ideas others offer in response. Afterward, take 10-15 minutes to feel the conversation going on inside your head - hear all of the opinions and feel your thoughts.

Ask yourself: Do you still think the same way you did when you wrote down your note on the piece of paper? Or, have your ideas/wishes/opinions changed in any way? Or, have you become conflicted as a result of the new input? Or, are you now convinced that your original opinion/idea/wish/need was right? Or, do you feel that you need to make adjustments to include some or all of the ideas of others?

Think back to a time 4-1/2 years ago, or 9 years ago. Did you make choices then that you feel good about now? Did you pursue your goals, and are you experiencing a new opportunity for growth at this time? Did you make choices then that have affected your life now, based on the information, opinions or wishes of others? Are you happy with the guidance you have received? Have you followed your dreams, and are you happy with the life you are living now?

Although this is the time of Lunar Eclipse, it is also the time of the Full Moon in Gemini! Take back the power of your mind, your thoughts, your intuition, your life process!!! Be honest with yourself first and foremost. Find your inner guidance and trust that it will help you make the choices you need to make--choices that will lead to your success and personal satisfaction.