Lectures and Workshops in CD Format

Beginning Astrology Kit

Beginning Astrology Kit

Do you want to know more about yourself and your world
than what is offered in the abbreviated Horoscope Sun Sign
articles you check out?

Learn easily with The Beginning Astrology Kit!
The deeper meaning of the signs, planets, houses and
their energy to affect your life are presented
in an easy-to-understand format by
Certified (NCGR) Astrologer Diane Ronngren.
Includes twenty 1-hour compact discs, your Natal Chart,
a text book and Recommended Reading List.

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Tarot Learning Kit

Tarot Kit BookTarot Kit CD'sTarot Kit Deck

A complete Learning Tool for those who really want
to understand and read the Tarot.

Includes: ten 1 hour Compact Discs, Tarot booklet
and Rider Waite Tarot Deck—everything an aspiring
Intuitive needs to commence the Tarot journey of a lifetime. 

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