Soul Path Astrology

For all the time we spend on day-to-day activities and whatever our age, the truly important realities of our lives exist on the spiritual and emotional levels of our being. We each have a perfectly singular life experience. When you are ready to ask, "What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here? What am I really here to learn?", it's time for a Soul Path Reading.

When we talk with one another about the answers to your questions, we will discuss your Karma, your Past Lives--your journey so far in this life! Since Lunar Nodes offer insight into the soul's process as well as keys to your emotions, we will explore what really matters to you. Most of us focus a great deal of attention on our work, or relationships, our hobbies and interests--the practicalities of living life in this world, in this body. Now we can explore the journey of your soul, your spirit, discover why you are here in this time and space.

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Soul Path Astrology - $350.00