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Lunar Eclipse/Blue Moon (Dec 31, 2009) and Solar Eclipse, Jan. 14, 2010. What do Eclipses mean for the individual?
How will the energy of these two powerful celestial events affect your world, your life? (32 minutes)

Solar and Lunar Eclipse - 12-20-2009.mp3


Sun Sign Overview for 12/20/09 to 3/20/10. Planetary energies, trends and transits for each Sun Sign for the upcoming 3 months.
(39 minutes)

Sun Sign Forecasts - 12-20-2009.mp3


Winter Solstice, Capricorn Ingress 12/20/09. What is the significance of Winter Solstice from an astrological perspective?
(35 minutes)

Winter Solstice Overview - 12-20-2009